Who created Love Lilou


Dunja Vairaktaris is the founder and maker at the Love Lilou kitchen. A lover of all things associated with beauty, she knew at a very young age that she wanted to make women feel good about themselves.
After studying makeup over a decade ago and working in the industry, Dunja felt that although we think we were using natural products, the ingredients tell a different story. It was during this time that she became aware of the cruel mistreatment of animals during the testing process as well, in order for some of these products to make it to our shelves.
So, she became a vegetarian. She took it upon herself to study the ingredients names and what they meant, what means of testing these companies did on their products and were they cruelty free.
After discovering that most of the ingredients in commercial beauty products were full of chemicals, she discontinued using all of them. After only using Liquid castile soap and Aloe Vera gel on her face for months, she invested the little savings she had into a very alternative natural skincare making course, in order to learn how to create her own Skincare and Makeup. It was an eye opener and her passion for making, cooking and mixing natural cosmetics only grew from there. She studied Aromatherapy shortly after and also became a Reiki Master.
What started as a little home beauty regime obsession, flourished into a thriving home business. Love Lilou operated for a number of years before taking a break for Dunja to have her own babies. The company relaunched in early 2018 with some slight but important changes such as; the ingredients list is completely Vegan and sourced from Australia or Australian Suppliers.
On top of that Dunja’s love for Reiki has been incorporated into the products so each customer receives the beautiful energy of Reiki when they use their Love Lilou products. A sucker for alternative health Dunja has also just graduated as a Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counsellor, adding more feel good therapies to her Resume.
“at the end of the day it all comes down to spreading all the love we have around and making it our mission to help other women feel beautiful and good about themselves”
Love Dunja xxx